The beauty world has always been a passion of ours yet, we don’t see beauty as solely the outside appearance of a woman, rather the kindness, integrity, genuineness and GRACE that a woman carries herself with. We have an indescribable love for the art and craft of what we do but most importantly, the love of sharing it with others.


GRACE is a casual, coastal inspired salon focused on Hair Extensions, Colour, Lash Extensions and Beauty Esthetics. We are incredibly passionate about the art of what we do and from our years of experience we have customized our processes. These services are the core of what we do and by staying focused on our craft, we have found our niche.

We are committed to continual education and staying ahead of industry trends to bring the highest quality services to our clients. 

Tatiana and Trianna are the women behind GRACE. Driven by our unique perspective on the beauty world, we seek to bring a sense of inclusiveness and support for all the people of GRACE.


[GRACE ; a divinely given talent or blessing.] 

We believe that everyone has a given talent that is one’s gift. At GRACE, we want our team members to be able to build on that gift in a warm, inclusive environment. 

GRACE is a studio that is focused on education and collaboration. It is a group of like- minded people who truly want to see one another thrive, grow and create an incredible life for themselves. It is a space where knowledge and insight is shared & encouraged! Every success will be celebrated at GRACE for we do not only speak words of encouragement and support, our actions reflect. 

If you are passionate about the hair &/or lash extension industry and are looking to join a team of like-minded people , receive mentorship and be a part of something truly incredible, please contact us.

In our studio we are hoping to have a broad range of talent. If you are in a different industry and are looking for a room / chair to rent, there’s always a space for you at GRACE


A day at GRACE

We want you all to be involved on the daily updates, mishaps and fun at the studio, follow us on instagram @grace.studioco

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